What Have I Read This Summer? 

What I have Completed:

  1. Mara Daughter of the Nile: An easy young adult novel which takes place in Ancient Egypt and is filled with romance and mystery. A melodramatic warm up to my reading list this summer!😜
  2. Ember in the Ashes: Dramatic young adult novel filled with romance, angst, and adventure.
  3. The Secrets to Korean Skin Care : I really enjoyed this one and wrote a whole post about it 🙂 
  4. The Birth of Korean Cool: How did this underdeveloped, beaten-down country become a world power? And a popular one at that? If you aren’t fascinated by Korea, you should be. This is a wonderfully entertaining and honest telling of how Korea went from that tiny Peninsula that no one had heard of to the technologically advanced, beauty loving society it is today.
  5. In Europe’s Shadow: This one was so fascinating that I wanted to write a whole post on it

What I am currently reading:

  1. Behind Beautiful Forevers 
  2. Physics Explained By Superheroes

Ok:) Your turn–what’s on your reading list and what should I be adding to mine? 🙂