We Could Be Friends

She was I-don’t-know-how-many-years older than me with curly gray hair and a lovely smile; I was a broke busy college student. And yet, there we were talking about how awesome the Seamus Heaney version of Beowulf was. Did you know that he reads a version of it out loud and it’s really well done? I didn’t.

I did not get to talk to her for long because she was just getting my book for me that I had put on hold and then had to answer a phone call but I suddenly got this feeling…if we knew each other, we would be friends.

“We read to know that we are not alone.”


I think as readers we get that characters become friends. Sometimes the people that change the course of our lives are people who are simply the creation of others. But I think that there is more to what C.S. Lewis is saying than just that. We read and suddenly we have a plethora of mutual friends. And so, I was just starting two new adventures by buying these books and this cashier was excited because I would be meeting her friends and walking through places she knew pretty well.

We were already mutual friends.

So one of the books was Beowulf. What was the other??

A vampire book. And I can’t stand vampires but I love this book.


I think I love the story because it intends to make me to hate the vampire. Unlike more modern rendition of these damned, blood sucking, lustful creatures…Bram Stoker  really describes something to be feared and destroyed. (Well actually, someone could make the case that some of the more modern vampires should be feared and destroyed but that would be an entirely different post!).

So here I am meeting (and slightly falling in love with) Jonathan Harker and Mina and Dr. Steward. I have been loving (not to mentioned totally freaked out of) this adventure so far and will update you as soon as I and done with it!!

PS Have you read it? What did you think? Don’t tell me the ending until I am done with it but if you’ve read it we have some mutual friends as well 🙂 …or mutual enemies….whatever the case may be:)