Hameus Papam!!!!!!!!!

This is a beautiful day!! White smoke! “It’s so fluffy I could die!” Haha!! I have been waiting for white smoke for a long time! White smoke? That means we have a new pope!!! Hamebus Papam!:)

I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of my school is to:

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I have been everywhere online reading what everyone has to say about this guy!

The media really cracks me up! “He seems to have similar views as the last guy!” They all seem surprised? “And he’s really old…”

Are they shocked he has similar ideas as Papa Bene? Is it really a shocker? Really? Peoples! Get with it! This guy is the 266th guy to lead the Catholic church as pope! It’s not like we are doing something new here! We are simply celebrating because we are a part of a tradition thousands of years old. (Did I say simply celebrating? I meant we are celebrating because we are apart of a tradition that is thousands of freaking years old! This is cool! Catholic culture is incredible!!)

Looking at his role through an over political and “modernly progressive” lens is going to leave people confused. The Catholic church does not demand to be lead someone who is a powerful young persuasive ruler. The pope is not just a leader, the pope is a father. Pope. Papa. Don’t underestimate the quiet power of love and kindness, and it sounds like this new pope is all about that!

So, I for one am very excited about our new pope, our new leader. Viva il Papa!!!