My Korean Bucket List: 

Think of it as my massive scrapbook for future adventures!


So here is a list of festivals in general because there are too many cool ones to list!

~April, Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

~May, Boseong Green Tea Festival

~June, Muju Firefly Festival

~July, Lotus Festival (see the dance and make lotus soap and see so much beauty!)

~July (last week-August first wee) Pohang International Fireworks Festival!

~August, Nangye Traditional Music Festival

~September, Chungju World Martial Arts Festival

~September, Gimje Horizon Festival, learn about farming

~October 21st, 22nd 2016 Busan Fireworks Festival! 

~October, Jinju Lantern Festival

~November, Gunsun Migrating Bird Festival

~November, Jeju Orange Festival

Cool Places in Gyeongnam

~Visit Namhae or treasure island

Cool Places in Busan

~Gamcheon Cultural Village

~Haeundae Beach

Cool Places in Seoul

~Go Shopping in Myeongdong and get free samples! 🙂

~Changdeokgung Palace and the secret garden

~Hike around Namsan Park

~Go to Indasong to get ice cream and visit an traditional tea house (wear the Hanbok!)

~Dragon Hill Spa

~Bike along the Han River

~Visit R16 Dance Competition

~Eat some amazing ice-cream! 

~Visit a Airplane Cafe

~Selfie Lattes

~Cat Cafe

~Raccoon Cafe

~Banji Cafe (where you make matching jewelry)

~Hello Kitty Cafe

Cool Places in Jeju

~Climb a volcano and walk Olle

~Hallasan National Park

~Sunset on Hyeopjae Beach

~Pray at Johngdong Catholic Church and Martyr Mountain

Races to be Run

~Cherry Blossom 5k and Jeju Mandarin 5k

The Random Things Which Must Be Done

~Visit the Green Tea Gardens!

~Sado Island… Dinosaur Island!

~Take a Taekwando Class

~Take a Korean Dance Class for free!