The New November

So now that I have made some pretty big long term goals, it’s important that I start with smaller goals. It’s the beginning of a new month, it is the perfect time to start. Ordinarily when I think about November, I think no more lovely fall colors, frigid cold without the sparkle of snow, and gray days. I’ve decided to rethink this November. This November is a time for new beginnings. For starting to achieve all those big goals I have set before me.

So this November I am going to Write a BookNanowrimo is an amazing community for writers who want to complete a novel, meet other writers, and get amazing rewards for all their hard work. I did it last year and it was completely awesome. I am pretty exited to start it again this year! So breaking it down day by day: I will type roughly 1,700 words a day.

This month I am going to get a Whole Lot Stronger. This website has some incredible challenges for every level.  I have picked out the core challenge and the burpee challenge.  One top of these challenges I am planning on boxing when I have a little extra time and learning some new dance moves. However, day to day my goal will be: complete one day of both of the challenges.

This month I am also going to Pray More. My Catholic faith is incredibly important to me and I want to make sure that I am taking time no matter how busy my schedule gets to really think about the things that really matter to me. So every day I play on praying for 1/2 hour as well as either going to mass or praying a rosary every day.

This month I am going to reach a Conversational Level of Spanish. I plan on going through books that I have, memorizing verbs and grammar rules, hanging up vocab signs and phrases in my bathroom, and reading through some spanish books and practicing with my brother. Breaking it down day by day: I will be practicing spanish for an hour a day but on top of that I will be practicing it whenever I go into the bathroom.

Let November begin! 🙂



Writing Contest!

I have been writing a lot more lately. I think it is because the book that I have needs to be finished by June because that’s when I get it in hard print (just five copies but I get them for free thanks to winning nanorwrimo🙂 And I would like to have the ebook version out by that time as well.

But here’s a little contest which looks like a blast!

It’s more of a submission than a contest but here it is:

The First Line Literary Journal.

Here are the guidelines if you are interested:

1. Start your story with the lines: “I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old.”

2. Any genre but stay around 300-3000 words.

3. Deadline is May 1st so write fast!

I haven’t decided to go with a science fiction piece for this or one involving pirates. Either way it’s going to be loads of fun!

Editing Time! Hard Core!

I happen to LOVE the creative process: I tell stories, make up stories and draw maps of worlds. I even love writing dialogue and scenes. I DON’T like the editing process.

Which do you like?


Because here is what stage I am at: I need to organize everything because there are plot holes galore and edit the conversations which have plenty of cheesy lines. Yikes! It’s going to be long and painful.

But here’s the deal, I am going to try to share my editing process with you so that you can A) critique it so that I get better at it B) maybe even learn from my good ideas…or mistakes;)

And basically, leave comments if you have any ideas what so ever that could help me as I struggle through pages of grammatically awkward sentences and fall through plot holes and fall asleep during boring scenes that seemed more interesting when I wrote them at 3am!

And…one more thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (Since I didn’t say that yet) I hope you had/are having the happiest holidays in the world:)

How does it feel to win Nanowrimo?

How does it feel to click on that link: validate your novel and see it process? How does it feel to say, “I officially finished my first draft”? How does it feel to tell your friends, “I just wrote a novel”?

It feels FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

I am back after a month long sabbatical from my blog and I am here to tell you that it was an awesome month. Balancing school work and writing was tricky but I did it, readers:) I wrote the first complete draft of my novel Griffin Tamer. 

This month will hopefully give much more updates about how the editing process goes and more about all the great stuff that I’ve learned in other areas of my life (because it’s been one of those months where you just learn a lot in a small amount of time!)

How has your November been? Do yo have any successful writing stories to share? Please do!

I’m so glad to be back!!


What is your take on this? And are you going to do it? Now that midterms are mostly finished (nasty things), I’m am thinking more about this and am pretty excited!! I want to even though it seems quite daunting! If you don’t know what I am talking about here is the link:

If you want to know about this cool website that I found that might help with the prep work, here is one I think is pretty cool:

And here is a random one which looked interesting:

And oh my gosh, there is so much on google about this that you won’t have trouble learning as much as you want about it.

And don’t forget to let me know if you are doing it (why or why not) and then we can both be writing buddies together:)