“Frodo found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came to into his dreams.” 

I agree with Frodo. There is something about the change in the landscape and the shift in the air which makes me hunger a bit more than normal for adventure as the world turns golden and cool.  So how about it, friends? Are you ready for an adventure? Here are some of my ideas: 

We Could Explore New Paths

All around the neighborhood trees as starting to flicker red and gold. An adventure could be as simple as slipping on a pair of sneakers and heading out the door. I intend to bring camera along to help me slow down as I capture the wildly beautiful variety of colors. Or perhaps we could venture farther from our front door. Hiking is a lovely activity at this time of year. I would like to go on at least one fall colors hike this fall, sandwiched between the busy school week. Fall is a beautiful time to get out and explore beloved familiar walks or exciting new trails. 

We Could Taste New Flavors

Perhaps this will look like cracking open the dusty volume of a treasured family cookbook or perhaps it will be printing off a gorgeous Pinterest recipe we have never tried before. Either way, I think that fall is the perfect opportunity to try something new. I love all things pumpkin and am hoping to discover the perfect fluffy pumpkin pancake recipe this fall. There are a plethora of classic fall flavors—crisp apples, pumpkin with spices or even persimmons! Having an autumn adventure by trying new flavors is a wonderful way to spend a cooler afternoon! 

We Could Try New Things

I find new seasons to be the perfect time to try new things. As the weather cools off perhaps some of us would be more eager to train for an upcoming Turkey Trot. Perhaps we could get soft, warm yarn from Hobby Lobby and learn a simple knitting pattern for a new scarf. Or it could be the perfect time to begin assembling a new Halloween costume. Hiking? Running? Crocheting? Baking? The possibilities are endless! I am hoping to create a simple and affordable Halloween costume this year! 

We Could Become More Ourselves

Perhaps January is the more traditional time to make major life changes but today is the time we have so why not use it? Autumn is the perfect time drop a bad habit or start a good one so that we start the new year stronger. With three full months ahead of us we have enough time to make a big difference and end this year on a triumphant note. Perhaps we could dust off any incomplete New Years Resolutions or pick something new that has been on our minds lately. Interior adventures are some of the most frightening but also the most rewarding. So, who would we like to be? Being an author has been on my list of goals for years, and I have never been so close! I would like to make myself a better writer with my time for the rest of this year. 

We Could Be the Reason Another Person Goes on an Adventure

If you have read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings you know that Gandalf (the wise older wizard) was instrumental in forcing/helping Bilbo and then Frodo out the door and on the path towards their adventures. The adventures they have aren’t just life-changing for the little hobbits, they changed the course of history. It is likely that many of us can point to a Gandalf figure or two in our life—someone who has helped give us the encouragement or pressure needed to chase our dreams. It might very well be time to be that Gandalf figure for others. Who is in need of a good adventure in their lives? Who could we call to adventure with us during this golden season? 

Like Bilbo said, “I think I am quite ready for another adventure.” 

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