“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” 

Chances are, this year and the previous year have changed you. There is a new you with new memories, ideas, worries, and, I hope, joys. Who are you? And who am I?

When we talk about “the world” and “unprecedented times,” it’s easy to get lost in how big and general everything is. We watch the numbers of people who have gotten Covid, who have died from it, who voted for whom, and who liked whom on social media platforms. It is possible to lose a sense of the individual when the information we consume is always sensational and large scale or concerning distant people we have not actually met. Where are all the people? Where am I? Where are you? Who are we in this moment? 

The beautiful thing is that we aren’t just another number. We aren’t just another person who has gotten Covid or liked a picture on Instagram or voted independent. We are living, breathing, unique human beings. Some of us love quiet moments listening to the whisper of the trees; some of us like enthusiastically sharing a story with an audience and making them laugh till they are doubled over. Some of us have fierce attitudes and loud voices and some of us are painfully shy. Some of us are constantly moving, hiking, exploring, and traveling while some of us thrive when we are pouring work and love into a house and stable community which we are comfortable and familiar with. What are you loves? Your hopes? Your dreams? Your joys? Your desires? 

What are your fears? Your flaws? Your wounds? Your weaknesses? 

When God created you, who did he create? 

Because he put us here for a reason. “Here” means this exact time and place. I find myself in my living room on a laptop typing on a summery hot afternoon in June 2021. I am living in a state which has been the epicenter of riots, tension, and division but also the epicenter for change. I am a Catholic who is a part of a loving parish community which has room to grow but continues to strive as we gather in stone-walled sacred spaces. I am woman who is building her business in the 21st century and often find myself in discussion groups and on social media platforms making connections. I am a runner who finds herself on trails and pounding along the pavement. I am a friend who finds herself at softball games, patios, bonfires, and tea time talks. 

Where are you? Maybe you can relate to me or maybe we are nothing alike… but we were both created for this moment. Here we are. And it’s time for us to step up our game because the world needs who we are. 

What words do we hold in our hearts that others need to hear? It is time to speak. 

What weaknesses hold us back and limit us?It is time to work on healing and growing; it is time to be vulnerable and believe in ourselves and our potential. 

What dreams do we quench in our souls saying those dreams are silly or impossible or unrealistic? It is time to stop cheating ourselves and every unique individual we could touch if we pursued that dream. 

Who are we? Because it is time to be more ourselves now than we ever were before. 






It is easy for me to see the big picture and want to change the course of humanity. 

The amazing thing is: I can and so can you. 

But it must start with speaking here to the person next to me. Being present here to my flaws as I work on them. Dreaming not only long term but also putting in daily work to reach my wildest goals. I must be fully here in this moment as myself or I will never change anything. 

If this is the moment for which we were created, it is time to start being fully ourselves and fully in the moment. And once we are in this moment we were created for, once we live as we were created to live, we won’t be the only ones who look different. Our world will too. 

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