Happy Monday! How are you going to end the decade? 

I’m the kind of person who get’s so excited about the next year that I’ll start accidentally writing 2020 in November of 2019, true story. But we have a month left. What are we going to do with it? And how are we going to prepare for a new year and a new decade of our life? 

I am going to think of 2020 as an epic quest! We have a new decade before us, it is time for a new adventure. Before we start it’s time to wrap up 2019 the best possible way. Here’s the recipe I’m using. 

Consistent Workouts

I’m not trying to do anything crazy or strenuous, I know that it’s the holiday season. There’s lots going on and this is the season to prioritize spending time with family and friends, eating good food. It’s also often the season of running around like crazy trying to get all the last minute gifts, decorate, and make food for the people coming over. Personally, I’m soaking in my last days in Europe! But I don’t want to save working out completely for January; I want to start 2020 with some kind of fitness base. If you are looking for something that will strengthen your whole body and get great results without being too crazy I would suggest Blogilates beginner calendar which I am currently wrapping up. It’s challenging enough to get results but not too crazy and something that is easy to fit in while busy (#notsponsered #iwish).


We are approaching a new decade; it is time to pick your quest. I’m going to start by asking some big questions. What do you want your legacy to be? Who do you want to be? If anything is possible, what would you want the future to look like? What would you want the world to look like? It’s time to shut off everything noisy and distracting go take a walk and think about this. I’ve been taking long walks by the seashore and pondering this kind of stuff, and I am getting so excited for the future. 


It’s time to read books that can help give you ideas or encouragement. I have reached my goal of reading 24 books this year! Yay! If there is a new hobby or goal that is on your heart, it’s time to do some research so that you are ready to dive in when that new year comes! I’m actually reading the LOTR right now because sometimes it’s actually fiction that can help give us the clearest vision for what we want to see in our life. I’m also reading Come, Lord Jesus which is a book about advent, it’s about growing into more of who you are meant to be in this time leading up to Christmas and it’s incredible. 

This is my personal simple little recipe to wrap up 2019 in a meaningful, intentional way and set the stage for 2020 to be as EPIC as possible.

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