Putting Simple Back in Super

Once upon a time, Superman lifting up a car blew peoples freakin minds. He lifted a car! A car! Who does that?? It’s hard to even push a car. Not today! Today cars in movies explode like Grenades and are about as easy for heroes and villains to throw. When the modern audience sees cars as props in current films with super beings, they expect the scene to be epic and unique in order to impress. I’m one of these people, I like my movies fast pace and explosive, I admit it.

BUT, I really like the idea of a simpler time when superheroes lifting a car was enough.

This may be largely due to the fact that I am realizing how far I have to go to become super (I’m pretty far from lifting a car and a lot, LOT farther from throwing it like a grenade). If I’m gonna be super, I don’t mind if the bar isn’t quite so high.

So, the other day I decided to slow down and simplify life. In honor of the good old days when lifting a car was enough, I pushed a car around the block with my brother. And sweat a lot.

If we hit any patch of ground that inclined a fraction I was stuck. Everything was sore afterwards. A couple of my neighbors were confused. (Most neighbors expect this kind of  behavior from us though and were probably surprised we weren’t doing anything weirder.) The car metal got hot. It was a constant struggle.

It was awesome!!!!

I felt like I was taking a very real step towards being super and I loved every second of it. This is the kind of fitness I want to stick with. The kind that is worth doing just for itself because it’s totally awesome and fun. I want to push the car because it makes me feel like oddly like a hero, and I love that it also gets me in shape! I guess that’s just one more step towards being Wonder Woman!


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