An Intro to Korean Beauty

I am the kind of girl whose idea of skin care is taking a shower and really it stops there. I don’t wash my face, and I will use whatever shower gel happens to be in the shower at the time. But I got this book on Korean skin care because I know its a big  deal for a lot of people in Korea, and I actually REALLY enjoyed this book.

Here are five of the things that I learned while reading this book:

  1. Koreans love that naturally beautiful look. This means that they may spend hours on their face but its not putting on eye shadow or concealer. It’s spent washing, moisturizing, and exfoliating so that you don’t need much concealer anyways. I like this. I’m not huge on make-up but I do like looking pretty so this sounds great to me! How do you do Korean makeup anyways? I was curious so I hunted down  a list of Youtube videos. My makeup style is about to get a little eclectic guys!
  2. Koreans like having facial two rinses so that they are extra clean. At least that was what this girl suggests. A bit extreme? Party of me thinks it is because of their air pollution they have to deal with (I’ll probably wash my face twice when I go there) and part of me just likes the reason Charlotte Cho gives: using an oil based cleanser and then a water based cleaner gets your skin really clean and guarantees that all the makeup is off. I want all the makeup off my face. And those random times I do wear makeup, I struggle to get all mine off right now so I think this is actually a pretty decent idea. Interested? Here is her website with a 10step plan to the perfect facial routine. Sounds kind of fun to try actually and I’m going to do at least some of the steps when I go there 🙂
  3. What about all the bleach?? I’ve been told that Koreans put bleach in all their products and they probably put it in some, but for the most part they just put melanin inhibitors in it meaning you just don’t get darker. So, I’m going to be avoiding everything with those ingredient because like many American’s I love my tan! Speaking of…
  4. Tanning is the devil. Well, she didn’t say it like that but that’s basically the moral of the story–staying out of the sun’s harmful rays is the number one concern for her and she drills it into the readers head the best she can. I don’t burn and I love the sun and honestly I love my tan so I’m still not really sold on this one.
  5. So where do I get the goods? If you are convinced that Korean creams may be the answer to a perfect face or are just very curious about if these things actually work (like me) she has a great website with all the cuteness and fashion you would expect from a website called SoKo Glam!

So, is skin care your thing? Please give me tips because this is super interesting, and I don’t know much about all the different soaps and ingredients and such! And whether it is or not, I think that this book is an interesting read! 😊


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