Becoming Wonder Woman

Fitness is a struggle for me but I love it anyway. This summer I have decided to join a fitness challenge and basically try to become wonder woman!


Here are 7 random things I learned the the first 7 days of the challenge:

1. When people say you should sauté spinach they aren’t joking! Spinach, kale those are the types of greens that are worshiped in the fitness world. As my brother would say, “kale had 30 grams of protein, enough vitamins to cure cancer and a sprinkle of pixie dust”. But in all seriousness, when I look up what veggies hold which vitamins, “dark leafy greens” show up on pretty much every list! As someone who isn’t a massive fan of these veggies raw, I began sautéing them for breakfast. It’s like magic, 4 cups boils down to about a tablespoon (warning: this post could include slight exaggeration)! So that’s been my latest trick that I’ve learned the past seven daysSmile


2. Encouragement is absolutely necessary. This usually means my brother pushing me to go harder but it can also mean those times people say “wow, have you lost weight?” or “wow, you look great!” it makes me just want to keep going with this fitness thing.

3. Counting calories is what more doable than I thought it would be and it is totally getting resultsSmile I don’t really like counting in order to cut calories, that really stresses me out. What usually happens is this: “Omgosh, I only have 143 calories left? I can’t do it!” But I do like counting how many good things I have got in. How much protein have I gotten in today? How much Vitamin C? It’s kind of like a game! 🙂 Every time you eat its like you get points and if you are having so much fun getting in all the good points you that you just don’t have as much time for the worthless food points (and if you do eat the occasional ice cream cone like I do then you can still be happy that you ate a ton of spinach and feel great about it:) )

4. Kings Never Die is an EPIC song. This song though! I probably listen to it three times a work out, and I love it! Eminem! So good! If anyone has epic workout playlists, I would love ideas! Smile I’m trying to build my music library so I stay motivated during early mornings.


5. I’ve been learning the tricks to eating healthy on the go. I eat a lot of my meals in jobs usually sitting in my car. Protein bars, shakes, and easy to eat fruits that are quick and on the go have been huge this week!

6. 6am is actually not as painful if you you go to bed at 8pm. I always thought I liked sleeping in but this week I have gotten up early to work out and I LOVE it. The only way this works though is if I get to bed ridiculously early. Maybe not quite 8pm but pretty close.

7. In the same note, you need a hecka lota sleep if you cut calories and work out hard. After a particularly intense boxing work out it slept 11hrs and lost a solid pound in one night! I think my body is a little shocked at what I’m making it do but then again, so am I. And if my body thinks this is a change, just wait till it sees next week! Time to take this to the freakin top!

I told you these facts would be random! What are your favorite random fitness facts?




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