Jac’s Mini Adventures: Road-trip

The stubborn last lumps of snow are finally starting to sink into the ground and the breezes blowing in are no longer vicious but are beginning to whisper of Spring. Minnesota is beautiful at this time of the year. It is time to take a road trips!

There are Five Essentials to the perfect road trip. This weekend had all of them!

The Route. If your road trip doesn’t include scenery that makes you want to stop the car and take a couple of minutes to breathe in the beauty of it all you need to find a different rote. I loved the hilly wooded routes on this trip which made me imagine fairies. The wood is still skeletal from the harsh winter but I can still imagine the fay quiet waiting in the trees and waiting for the little green buds that I am so eager to see.

That Person. Friend, family, coworkers I don’t care but they need to be that person with whom you can fully enjoy the ride. Requirements should include: compatible music choices, someone who is able to carry on a couple solid hours of conversation whether that be meaningful and deep or absolutely ridiculous and awesome, and that person should be someone who is ok with taking a break from all the chatter and just quietly admiring the view with you while you are wrapped up in your own thoughts. For my mini road trip I brought my brother who more that qualifies as an awesome person:)

That Event. Often road trips are the most fun if you have a specific reason for making the trip. I know the journey is pretty important part (yay!) but that doesn’t mean the destination has to be bland. Either plan something that you really want to do or plan to be very spontaneous and do a surprisingly awesome thing. I went to a Great Gatsby Dance on this road trip complete with fancy dresses, a chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries, and a massive photo shoot. My type of night!

Downtime. I like to pile as much as possible into one weekend! But I also recognize that if you don’t have down time you start to run ragged. And having moments of quiet makes the trip relaxing. And moments of quiet gives you a chance to reorient yourself and make the most of your mini vacation. So they are essential:) I loved the quiet moments of the trip like when I woke up before everyone else at my sisters apartment and read and prayed:) The

Unexpected Moment. As well as you plan out a trip often the priceless memories are often completely unexpected. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the path, to be a little crazy, and to enter in to every moment. This trip was so full of good moments I think the whole trip will be one big memory of happy but if I had to pick out a couple of highlights… it would be getting ready with my sister and going into full girlie mode, discovering that there was a massive chocolate fountain at the dance, waltzing with my brother, using the epic new dance moves I have been practicing and getting chai tea the next day at a little local coffee shop that was absolutely fantastic!

Mini roadtrips are epic and I can’t wait for the next one!


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