Made in Quiet (Simple Musings)

Music is beautiful. Words are powerful. Thunder is awe-inspiring. Yet somehow the lovely sounds around us can turn from the symphony they are supposed to be and deteriorate into cacophony. Sometimes I wonder how. What is it that changes music which should be a beautiful way to strike our inner soul for the better, into something which drives people to depression? It has been known to happen. What changes beautiful words, interchanged between beings who want to communicate with others, into noises with no real meaning attached? What perverted force can twist beautiful sounds into ugly tumult?

I don’t fully intend to answer this question tonight. But I do want to give people a thought to muse on as I have throughout the day…

Noises lose their potency when they have no silence for a backdrop. Music that plays constantly can become grating. Relationships that do not value the quiet moments were they sit in silence cannot have the same sort of meaningful relationship. Minds which are so filled with flying thoughts that they cannot understand themselves are minds quickly losing personality and strength. Silence. It is not just the beginning of the cure to loud and ugly uproar… it is the way to again listening to the beautiful.

Yes, I am addressing then noise ridden society but not just that. Most people have noise in their lives or hearts that they wish they could silence… if only because they want to listen to what really matters.


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