Made in Quiet (Simple Musings)

Music is beautiful. Words are powerful. Thunder is awe-inspiring. Yet somehow the lovely sounds around us can turn from the symphony they are supposed to be and deteriorate into cacophony. Sometimes I wonder how. What is it that changes music which should be a beautiful way to strike our inner soul for the better, into something which drives people to depression? It has been known to happen. What changes beautiful words, interchanged between beings who want to communicate with others, into noises with no real meaning attached? What perverted force can twist beautiful sounds into ugly tumult?

I don’t fully intend to answer this question tonight. But I do want to give people a thought to muse on as I have throughout the day…

Noises lose their potency when they have no silence for a backdrop. Music that plays constantly can become grating. Relationships that do not value the quiet moments were they sit in silence cannot have the same sort of meaningful relationship. Minds which are so filled with flying thoughts that they cannot understand themselves are minds quickly losing personality and strength. Silence. It is not just the beginning of the cure to loud and ugly uproar… it is the way to again listening to the beautiful.

Yes, I am addressing then noise ridden society but not just that. Most people have noise in their lives or hearts that they wish they could silence… if only because they want to listen to what really matters.

To Add to the Valentine’s Day Conversation

Everyone has something to say about Valentine’s Day and usually it’s a rather strong opinion. Pictures of flowers and chocolate that have been received suddenly fill Facebook. People gush about their loved ones. Other people think its simply an obligation and that no one really likes it. Who could really like a holiday that is all about the color pink and artificial love? Other call it Single’s Awareness Day. Where do you stand on the hate it or love it scale? I feel pretty strongly about this day so I thought I should say a little something on the matter.

First of all, how did it start? Here is a summary. It’s like your typical holiday–something that has roots in a tradition which first began to develop around the time of the Ancient Romans and has strong Christian connections. It’s actually pretty cool just as holidays go in my opinion.

But what about now? It’s pretty commercialized and that’s kind of depressing. But let’s be honest: everything is commercialized including love at this point. You can hate the commercialization of something but don’t hate the thing itself. In my opinion… its a time to remember love.

Cheesy. Yup.

But here’s my point: People have gotten in the habit of rolling their eyes at traditions because they have begun to call them obligations. People do the same thing with Christmas but I feel like Valentine’s Day gets a particular amount of hate. (Ironic for a day which is all about a celebration of love…). Holidays aren’t supposed to just be obligations. They can be stressful and they can be used shamelessly to make money. But there is a reason that they are there. There are specific days each year that are set aside to celebrate certain aspects of life.

Valentines day is the day to take time to appreciate who we love.

For those dating or married, what a perfect excuse to remember all the beautiful things about the person you love and show them. I am personally a huge fan of the traditional ways to show someone you care–if anyone get’s me chocolate and flowers I will love them (the chocolate and flowers, I mean;)! I think its cute!

If you are single, things can be a little trickier. I’m single and I have seen a lot of the people in the same boat as I am, be the particular haters of this day. So here are some reasons to celebrate:

  • Because even if you aren’t involved with a romantic interest, I am sure that there is some other form of love in your life whether that be friends, parents, or pets. Those loves are worth celebrating and should be remembered. Why not do it on a day specifically to celebrate love?
  • Cuz Chocolate. A lot of people make fun of February 15th as national chocolate on sale day which is kind of funny but honestly, mid-Feb is the time for sweets. Why not take advantage of all the yummy extra things that are around you and celebrate the day with a little sugar… or alcohol… or all of the above! 🙂
  • If love and chocolate aren’t really convincing enough, then just think about how much you can brighten someone’s day. I like to give my friends little Valentines. I bought my little sisters tiny strawberry plants this year and I am really excited to watch them grow their little beginnings of a garden.

However you want…. for whatever love you have… surely there is some reason for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Haters should think a little before they go on hating and those who love… Keep loving and remember to cherish days that are set aside to cherish those you love.


Making Quitter’s Month a Good Month

So, on this blog I talk a lot about the importance of dreaming and having ambitions, and I have let you in on some of my own personal goals and dreams, hoping that you can relate, be inspired by, or sympathize with me.

A lot of people make goals or resolutions. A lot of people fail too. If I was reading my story, I would be wondering if I make it. Oh, wait, I am reading my story, or at least watching it unfold just like you are. and I am wondering how I will make it. (By the way, you are watching your own story as well (and are probably the main character of it often times to) and you shouldn’t let yourself down as the reader or the character.)

So here is the update on how my New Years Resolutions are going and how my epic quest is going.

New Years Goals

1. Languages are on both the epic quest list and were my New Years Resolutions and thanks to Duolingo my fluency in Spanish, Italian, and German is growing closer each day. Do you have a language goal? Check duolingo out or even better, tell me what you do to reach your goals.

2. Lose 15 lbs. Already lost 5 of them. Check out if you want to see what worked for me this January. I am looking at doing Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping for my next project not because I am particularly extreme but because I like boxing and they do that for cardio 🙂 Why am I doing programs like dietbet and Farrell’s? I like to have short term goals not just vaguely say “weight loss” because I don’t really care about the weight so much as the feeling I get when I’m strong and energetic and lean! 🙂 Everyone likes being healthy, what do you do to get healthier?

3. Do a handstand was my third resolution. That was not the focus as much last month but it will be this upcoming month or two 🙂 (If you can already do a handstand I’m jealous and if you can’t you should put it on your resolutions list because why not?)

4. Pray a 1/2 hour a day. I have actually been doing an hour. I really need the silence in my crazy life and its been amazing!! 🙂

5. Article published yet? Nope. Just stewing over ideas still.

So over all, not terrible. The year is just starting and I’ve already begun making progress. The trick is not to quit now that quitter’s month has begun (Poor February, the month of quitters and of a holiday which nobody but me seems to like (aka Valentine’s Day).) It’s actually a time to start a new project and keep working towards your goals.

And as a sort of P.S….

How is my epic quest going?

I have gained 4 points so far (+2 for losing 5lbs and +2 for completing a small personal work out challenge). 50 points completes a level so I’ve got a long ways to go (and miles to go before I sleep… and miles to go before I sleep…).