Three Small Ways to Be a Better Person

I’ve realized that during college it is easy to grab a group of friends and head out to do something good–carpool to a nursing home and sing Christmas carols. Sometimes you even get pressured into donating to a good cause or running for life which is great.

Then college ends and the career (or at least struggles to figure out and find a career) begins. Loans need to be paid off and you are suddenly slapped in the face with a plethora of responsibilities that are much more real than ever before. Growing up is great but it can also carry with it the danger to focus on the responsibilities you automatically have and forget all the extra good things that are important to continue building who you are.

When I work so many hours a week I realize that, this semester at least, I have no way to schedule a regular volunteer position but there are a lot of little things I can do to remind myself that there are a lot of people out there who’s day I can brighten. There are ways to reach out and not let myself get caught in my own busy little world.

1. Take the time to pick up after others at the house. Whether you live with your family or some roommates or even at your job, it can be annoying if everything is messy. Picking up after people makes their day easier, makes the place cleaner for everyone and can show that you will go out of your way to help others.

2. Take the time to take family or friends out. For me, taking my little siblings out is a really important thing that I have to remember to do. Taking the time to have good conversations is important and not a chore but something that can sometimes get a little lost in the throes of duty that assail life.

3. Write a letter. I don’t know about you but getting a little letter can totally make my day. I have pen pals all over the world and, honestly, I am not the best at always getting back to them. But even if you don’t have any official pen pals, sending a note to a grandma or parent can really brighten their day. It only takes a little time but a lot of thought and shows lots of love:)

These all literally can take a couple minutes and I am sure there are a hundred other options but I just wanted to get it out there-we need to keep thinking about those around us, no matter how busy we get. I need to keep thinking of those around me no matter how swamped I am. Any other ideas for a broke, time swamped college student? Or for anyone in general? How can we make the world just a little bit better of a place? 🙂


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