How to Make a Real Resolution

Some people laugh at them as pre-failed attempts: New Year’s Resolutions. I personally like them. I think that having a goal for a year often does help me and probably helps others (even if it is for a sadly short period of time). So let’s talk about how to make a real resolution: one that really matters and one that you are actually going to do.

First, I always like to start by looking back. Before we leave the old year completely, lets think about what mattered this year. What memories stick out the most in your head? What things really impacted you as beautiful or meaningful moments in your life?

Here are my top five memories from 2014:

1. Last New Years Eve/Day….that’s not cheating right? It was under the Eiffel Tower with little fireworks exploding around me and my friends while we drank champagne and shouted Bonne Année (Happy New Year) at the swarms of happy (and often drunk) people passing by. It was an amazing book end for an amazing year.

2. My Last night in Rome, my last moment’s looks at St. Peter’s Basilica to be exact. A place so crazy, famous, and beautiful had been home for me since the first moment I saw it. Yes, it was painful to leave but it was because I loved where I was so much. Whenever I am horribly romesick I can’t help but also be incredibly grateful as well-the entire four months there was magic and made me who I am. Its cheesy and 100% true.

3. Singing at a park at midnight with some amazing friends. It was 11:30pm on muggy summer night when the stars were shining that me and some of my friends decided to go to the park. It’s against social norms to go there at age 22 unless you take a small child as an excuse but if you go when no one else is awake no one cares. We climbed things, we ran around, and we sang whatever songs came to our heads (from Phantom of the Opera to Frozen). In other words, we were little kids again and it was awesome.

4. Reading An Ideal Husband at the Wilde Roast. Oscar Wilde did not fail to amuse me and reading the play aloud with the best cast of friends was perfect. And once the restaurant closed (notice that it was Oscar Wilde themed? it was just too perfect!) we went outside into the cool summer night and sat perched high up on a stone ledge sandwiched between a gothic style church and a glittering city skyscraper reading quality literature and laughing at the jokes made by a great author. It was fantastic!

5. Making gingerbread with my family. This one is really quite simple but really important. It happened just a little bit ago. Fresh baked gingerbread + homemade caramels + family + laughter till you’re sore from it. . And that is pretty much all you need to make something really really beautiful.

Some things I learned from it all is that starlight makes things magical, beauty can give you strength, and dreams can be fulfilled – you just have to work your heart out to give your heart what you want.

And with that in mind, here are my five resolutions:

1. Learn three languages. Perhaps not fluently but substantially would be nice. I already know a decent amount of German, Spanish, and Italian so really this is just a resolution to keep studying them and trying to be a little more serious about it so that the next time I travel I will be a little more proficient.

2. Lose 15 lbs of college weight. I’m pretty happy where I am but this one is a classic so why not add it to the list of resolutions?

3. Do a handstand. I love to hip hop dance and I can’t do a handstand which is a bit of a travesty. So I am going to fix that. I have already started working towards this and its tough but I’m pretty confident it will happen before the end of the year.

4. Pray 1/2 hour a day. I want to better every part of me–mind, body, and soul.

5. Get an article published. I have been really working on editing and writing more articles. It’s a lot of work and reading through articles for hours has made me realize that if I want to get published I have to step up my game. So that is what I am going to do.

So those are my resolutions. What are yours? Look at last year to see what you would want to do better, or what you couldn’t imagine missing from your life.

My year has been a combination of 65 hours+ work weeks that pushed me to my limit and a plethora of childhood/big dreams becoming a realities that are now treasured memories. 2015…. bring it on! 🙂


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