First Time Again

Reading your favorite book again for the first time–it is the dream of every avid reader.

The other day I was given a stack of books by a good friend. She entrusted some beloved stories to me which she had loved for a long time and read for the first time a very long time ago. It struck me while reading that I was getting my first time with these stories. It had never been seemed such a privilege.
Isn’t it wonderful? There is something thrilling about firsts whether it is the first time being riveted by a certain book, seeing a new country, trying a new food; there is a thrill, a wonder. First times can makes us like children, seeing the world anew. Perhaps it is not just important to adventure out and explore new things, it is also beautiful when we keep the thrill that came with the first experience, when we remember why whatever it is captured our heart in the first place.
But back to books:) I may not be able to read my favorites again but I don’t need to–they have become age old best friends 🙂 and there is a new kind of first once I reach this point. I, like my friend, can give my favorite books to others to enjoy for the first time. The magic happens all over again, my friends connect with my friends within the pages and I am blessed with a first time again.


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