Oh the Weather Outside is Freaking Frightful!


So, this is me at the beginning of the winter.

A few things you should know about me if you don’t already:

–>I have renaulds phenomena (sp?) which means that I have smaller capillaries which means that my hands have turned blue in a slightly over air-conditioned room.

–>I am darker skinned (if you couldn’t already tell from my pictures) and need sunlight in order to be happy.

–>That I am that kind of wonderfully talented person who can trip over flat surfaces so snow takes life to a whole new level of coordinated acts. All in all, I am not like Elsa. I love the snow because it is pretty but I hate the cold (almost more than anything else in the world). The cold always bothered me…

How do you feel about the snow? How did you feel about it as a kid? When I was a kid I made a promise to myself that I would never be like those whiny adults who always started to groan when it got a little snowy. I was going to love life even if it was an icy white life! Then I started driving. Basically sums that part of my life up. Driving in snow happens to suck. And for about a year, I hated snow and winter and all things cold with pretty much every fiber of my being. IMG_3751.JPG


Then the winter after I decided I was going to try to love the snow. I did. I thought it was pretty. Snow is sparkly and I like sparkly. But I still didn’t like the cold. Or rather, I can’t handle the cold very well. (Why am I living in Minnesota? It’s a very long story…)

So what is my point? Is this a “let me vent about the cold” post or a very enthusiastic “I love my life and its the best day every” post? Well, yes. I have decided to change my outlook: I don’t have to like the cold. It hurts. And it makes me sick. But I can still enjoy life because they say that you can choose how your day goes, how your life goes. I am going to look at the positive side of the winter. Yay, come at me winter! I am going to not whine because whining is annoying. I am going to love the winter and look for the good things about snow. Honestly… I am curious how long I can last. I want to like the winter; I made a promise to myself that I would like it, but despite my best efforts I am going to have to admit to myself once in a while that it sucks and that I have to simply endure whatever tortures that arctic frozen crystals slamming in my face can create. But here’s to trying, right? Here is to trying:)

Happy first day of snow!



2 thoughts on “Oh the Weather Outside is Freaking Frightful!

  1. Hello Jaqueline,
    I enjoy your first day of snow epilogue. It’s great. I’ve never thought of winter as a first and last, it just seems to show up. You sound much like most Minnesotans, however, but I like your attitude. Some of my favorite memories of snow was building a snow horse, snow fort, downhill skiing, ice skating and sledding with my now grown daughter.
    I don’t like the cold, either, that goes along with it. But I do remember enjoying all the seasons, and the challenge that snow gives to drivers.
    I don’t drive much anymore, but I do remember, when driving, just about anywhere, if you got stuck, somebody always stopped to ask if they could help you. That’s MInnesota nice, and that is what made winter bearable
    for me.
    Fr. Livingston says, “Picture a person who creates snowflakes and butterflies. That is how gentle our God is.”
    Take care,
    Judy Hentges

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing!! That quote from Fr. Livingstong really touched me–so beautiful! 🙂 And I love your favorite snow memories–I think doing fun stuff with the snow helps me appreciate it even more so I am going to try to do some of those things this year. I also like how you pointed out how people are always willing to help here in MN–it really does make this state beautiful and worth every bit of the cold 🙂

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