The Montage Before Victory

You know that part in every inspirational movie where the hero is working out all sweaty in the gym before he wins the boxing match or that one most important game? Or you know that scene where she keeps falling on the ice over and over before she gets that perfect performance in front of thousands? I’m not referring to an exact movie, I am just saying in general. There is always that montage in the movie that is super important because it is when all the hard work happens but we see all that repetitive struggle that is eventually going to pay off in an epic win at the end.

Well, if you are wondering how I am doing with my November goals, the answer is I’m having my ups and downs but over all I am starting to slowly tell a difference! I can do my workouts harder, I have a good word count on my novel already, I have been praying every day, and my head is exploding with spanish verbs. I’m not exactly living the craziest of adventures at this exact moment but these are the moments that are going to make the craziest adventures possible, not to mention the most epic wining. So I’m pretty happy.

Living the montage. It’s all about keeping the goals in mind and living in the moment of transformation.


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