My Life as a Video Game

So Steve over at has been a huge source of information, inspiration, and amusement for me for over the last couple of years. In one of his latest posts he talked about how he made his life a video game. Instead of looking at a screen and living vicariously through the characters he sees he wanted to live vicariously through himself. He talked about how he hopes others will also do what he did and so that is what I have decided to do. I’m not as big of a gamer as he his but this is a way for me to clearly lay my dreams before my eyes and have something to shoot for. I’m pretty excited and am grateful as always for and how it is helping me level up my life.

My Own Epic Quest of Awesomeness is all about living an adventurous, colorful life that reflects all that I love and believe in. Each Level is 50 points each. I’ll keep adding goals as my bucket expands and blog about the amazing things I’m able to cross off. So check it out–my game of life🙂

What would your game of life look like?


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