Five Pinterest Points

As a girl who spends all my a substantial amount of time pinning things… I feel that a defense is necessary. It’s top five friday so I’ll list five reasons that a girl should spend her time pinning things on her board.

1. Pinterest is inspiring. I always want to work out and do crafts after being on my board. Not that I always follow through but if I ever need inspiration, its there.

2. Is like a cookbook. If double chocolate peanut butter cake exists, I want to know. Wouldn’t you?

3. It’s great for story ideas! And as a writer, that is important.

4. You can connect with other people in your fandom. I am able to bond with other like minded people in our obsession over Benedict Cumberbatch, Tangled, and Narnia.

5.  It can add some humor to your life. As a college student, I find it part of my duty to keep my mental health at least in part intact. I do this by adding laughter to crazy days.


If you want to follow me feel free:) I’ll probably follow you right back! 🙂


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