Bucket List:

My bucket list:)

(Don’t worry it doesn’t go on forever like the list in my brain. I’ve narrowed it down to 50 and I’ll update people as I keep checking things off the list 🙂

1. Get a book published and sold in hard copy

2. Walk the camino in Spain

3. Do a triathlon

4. Perform something at spoken word

5. Get Gelato’s in Italy

6. Visit the Thailand Lantern Festival

lantern vestial

7. Visit the filming location for LOTR/Narnia in New Zealand

8. Go to Christmas Market in Germany

9. Walk the Inca Trail in Peru

10. Hike a 14er in CO

11. Watch something EPIC at Broadway New York

12. See Lord Nelson’s ships


13. Learn Morse Code

14. Sing in front of an audience

15. Grow a garden and eat something from it (that tastes decent and isn’t tiny and dead green.

16. Film another family movie with complete story/set

17. Visit Lucca…awesome old city and my last name


18. Read Dante’s Divine Comedy…In Italian!:)

19. Become Fluent in Spanish

20. Become Fluent in German

21. Learn phrases in a couple other languages

22. Reach my goal weight

23. Audition for an audio drama/play

24. Make a really nice cake (cake boss inspired;)


25. Run along the moors quoting Jane Eyre

26. Visit Florence

27. Write a letter in real calligraphy and on parchment paper

28. Climb in the rigging

29. Play a “real” song on the piano meaning something like Dvorak’s Humoresque:)

30. Go to an Opera (and not just for a class or with my choir)

31. Learn how to play the violin…or cello, both are awesome!!

32. Quote the entire “Paul Revere’s Ride” (from memory) while in Boston

33. Write the declaration (from memory) on the parchment looking paper by candle light with Tommy Jeff’s writing

34. Watch New Year’s Fireworks over the Sidney Harbor


35. Ride a horse while in a beautiful dress…that sounds tricky but really dreamy

36. Shoot something (and preferably hit the target) with a bow and arrow

37. Learn how to fire a gun (without injuring anyone including myself)

38. Read Les Mierables

39. Read the entire Harry Potter Series…I promised a friend that  would do it but haven’t gotten around to it

40. Own a real sword. That will go on my library wall someday…right by the suit of armor;)

41. Go to Christmas Eve Mass in Rome

42. Participate in World Youth Day once

43. Collect Shells from the beach in Florida

44. Watch the guard change at Buckingham Palace

45. Watch a Manga in Japan

46. Run a half marathon

47. Be able to speak in authentic British accent with correct slang

48. Be able to speak in an authentic Scottish accent

49. Draw my own book cover/or illustrate my own children’s book

50. Visit Loch Ness Lake


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