There but I’m back Again


Ok, so I realize just his tragically absent I’ve been from my blog. I intend to fix that.
I want to hop back into my blog life but I want to tell you that a lot has happened since then ( and yes this update is also going to serve as my list of excuses for being absent).
1. I went to Rome! (And France and Poland and all over the rest of Italy!) yeah…that was crazy! That’s also the “there” part of my blog post title and an excuse, I was busy traveling and living I’m the moment.
2. I turned into a senior. I have no idea how that happened but one day I woke up to realize that my happy go lucky college experience is rushing to an end.
3. I’ve started thinking about new dreams:) I’ve fulfilled so many of my goals, but now I want to find new concrete things that I want to pursue. I’ll keep you posted:)
And if your wondering (I know you’re not but just pretend you are or maybe you are and that would make me happy!) I have NOT published a book yet, so that’s already a dream/goal to chase already:) >



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