The Final Memoire

So….it has finally come to this.

Today is the last day of classes and finals week is finally here. This is always an interesting time. Interesting in the full Minnesota sense of the word (meaning when you say it, you raise one eyebrow distastefully and nod your head slowly).

Being busy means creative writing is out of the question…Or is it? I don’t have time to tell you a story but I can tell you what has been good and bad about this week so far:)

Good: Warm windy sunshine which means my solor powered mood skyrockets.

Bad: Papers in disciplines that I’m not very familiar with….Toto, I have a feeling I’m not in the English Department any more….

Good: I bough nutella to make nutella filled pancakes 🙂 🙂

Bad: I have not made nutella filled pancakes yet 😦 😦

Good: I wrote an academic paper revolving around Once Upon A time. Um, yes please!

Bad: I have to say good bye to the OUAT characters for three whole months after watching the crazy season finale *sniff* I don’t know how I am going to survive! (And what will I do to procrastinate now?? O.O)

So overall verdict: Good. Now I’m off for some paper writing:)


Shakespeare Without the Words

Isn’t that like saying Shakespeare without the reason he is Shakespeare?

Deutsch: Shakespeare Denkmal Sommer 2004 in Weimar

The Word Wizard

Ok, words may be feeble vehicles for carrying the full wieght of human passion but if you think about it, even people are feeble vehicles for carrying the full weight of human passion. We have so many feelings, so many values, so many experiences and we just want to show them to others somehow. The funny thing is, we don’t just struggle showing ourselves to other people but to ourselves as well. (And that’s when we get great songs like this.)

But words are powerful. Words on paper can change a persons life. Yes, in the sense that fiction can tranform our ideas but also the fact that paper contracts bind us in real ways that we don’t often even think about. Although I do rant about the Top Five Reasons I Hate Being Literate. The point is that words are really important.

I think Shakespeare is powerful because of his control over words. He can manipulate twisty turns of double meanings while keeping an internal rhythm which captures the hearts of the audiences even if they can’t define the rhythm. He is able to capture human passion,” Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” but he makes our cries and rants beautiful because he has not only captured human emotion but tied that to artistically stunning sounds.

Macbeth Consulting the Vision of the Armed Hea...

I wonder if I ranted in iambic pentameter if it would be more effective?….

What is the point of saying all this? Making Shakespeare “accessible” is running a huge risk of dumbing him down to the point of being worthless. His words are hard but people are hard to and sometimes struggles are worth it, when there is something so wonderful complex that you are trying to figure out. Struggling thorugh Shakespeare has proven to help your brain (duh), it gives you a sense of satisfaction, and it opens up new ways of understanding…not just understanding the broad concept of humanity but hopefully yourself as well.

Sketch of William Shakespeare.

Is dumbing him down fair to either him or the readers?


So the question becomes, is Shakespeare worth translating? The sublties of words can get marred when passed to a different medium. Tranlations of words always fall short. Is he worth dumbing down so kids can understand the basic story line before they can understand his tricky early modern english?

What do you think?