Writing Contest!

I have been writing a lot more lately. I think it is because the book that I have needs to be finished by June because that’s when I get it in hard print (just five copies but I get them for free thanks to winning nanorwrimo🙂 And I would like to have the ebook version out by that time as well.

But here’s a little contest which looks like a blast!

It’s more of a submission than a contest but here it is:

The First Line Literary Journal.

Here are the guidelines if you are interested:

1. Start your story with the lines: “I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old.”

2. Any genre but stay around 300-3000 words.

3. Deadline is May 1st so write fast!

I haven’t decided to go with a science fiction piece for this or one involving pirates. Either way it’s going to be loads of fun!


2 thoughts on “Writing Contest!

  1. I first heard of this free contest about a week ago. I am eager for May 1st to arrive to send a fall first line entry. This site sounds interesting. As I do not have the Internet at home about a month ago I started coming to the Clark County Library. It is only a once a week visit, but I love it. Thank you for any help you can provide a 68 year-old beginner.

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