Top Five Friday: Birthday Wish List:)

I am a girl of simple pleasures. I figured a birthday simple birthday wish list wouldn’t hurt. Please add the top five things on your wish list to the comments:)


Mine. Please be mine.

1. I would like the Tardis. Preferably with the doctor. (If you didn’t know it was david tennet’s birthday yesterday;)

2. Eowyn’s dress because it’s basically the perfect dress for doing any melodramatic in, running through a field of flowers, holding a sword, horseback riding…

eowyn's dress

3. A Lunch Date with Shakespeare. If you are rolling your eyes and thinking it’s not possible you are wrong! Look at the first thing on my list. It makes everything else a complete possibility:)

4. ship

Because, I already have an entire crew picked out for the ship to;)

For my final and greatest wish I would ask for a wardrobe…except that I have already been to Narnia and it doesn’t quite work that way anyways. So instead, I would be delighted to have:

5.The library from Beauty and the Beast. ‘Nuff Said:)

Happy Friday people! Happy Friday!


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