Shakespeare In Love (How to Be Like Him)

These are the lessons which I learned from Shakespeare in Love. Well, first let’s start with the trailer:

Now, if you were looking for a how-to be in love/get in love you are going to be disappointed. I am looking at this movie from more of a writerly perspective (not that the writer’s perspective necessary cancels out being a lover as the movie obviously showed), and will tell what valuable things I learned from the movie as a writer.

Keep an open ear like hypothetical Shakespeare did. Some people keep a notebook of quotes and situations that they hear around them. (I am going to start doing this today). Not to be a creeper or anything but people watching gives you loads of information and it doesn’t hurt to embellish the situations/dialogue you come across as you write it down in your  journal. Also, teacher quotes are a great place to look for unusual quotes…well, if you have unusual teachers, that is.

O for a muse of fire! I also learned that having a muse is helpful for writing. In hypothetical Shakespeare’s case it was a beautiful girl but I think that if you keep your eyes and ears open, you can find inspiration in a variety of places. If this sounds exactly like the first piece of advice….it isn’t. That is more about particulars, this is more about getting passionate about what you are writing.

Names. (I am not even going to quote Juliet here but you were probably already thinking about roses and names as soon as I said it). Long and short, names are important. Ethel just is not as pretty as Juliet. I talk more about why Juliet is wrong about names in this post. 

And lastly, I learned that as I writer, I need to embrace the starving artist side of myself. Personally, I am not giving up hope that my best seller will get me a million when I sell the movie rights but just to make sure you don’t get too excited, I would like to point out the fact that Shakespeare is mind blowing awesome and he wasn’t too well off. But the point is, he was still awesome.


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