How to Solve the Problem of Stress

This post is pretty much necessary for any student or writer. (BTW’s if you really just want to see something funny, skip the movie at the end now). Since I am both a student and a writer, I definitely felt the need to write this.


Step One: Work out. Hard. I seriously need to go for a three hour run. Or do a really fun run.

Step Two: Eat Chocolate. Or,  Idk, consume something that puts you in the fun mood. I would say go out for drinks but I’m not 21 till a couple of days.

Step Three: Movie time. I feel like wiping out an entire season of Dr. Who right now. Tomorrow-me would never forgive today-me if I did that so I won’t…but I will be tempted to. (And I will still watch a couple episodes…).

Step Four:  Laugh till it hurts. Have you ever wondered the best recipe for Laugh is? Any-point-in-time-past-midnight + really-awesome-friends and it usually happens automatically. Otherwise, if you need inspiration:

And speaking of mondays….Is it really just monday? Muahahaha, yes, it is just Monday! Fate is against you!

And with that thought, I am off to start my week:) Any other tips to help me maintain sanity? They’d be much appreciated:)


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