Top 5: Chocoholic Frolic

Chocoholic Frolic: that’s a thing? Yes. It’s an awesome thing!

It’s a 5k that some friends and I ran this morning and I am going to tell you the top 5 facts about it, so you will be inspired to go run and eat chocolate! Not that, you know, anyone needs inspiration to eat chocolate but maybe to run;) Here are five things you should know, if you don’t already, that will allow you to have your own chocoholic frolic:

1. New running shoes helped! c26-B0056E63UQ-1-lWhat kind of running shoes do you like? I just got the new aspics gel kayano 18 and they are not only the best running shoe ever but the cutest! Score:)

2. Pinterest is not only a time killer but a life saver with amazing healthy chocolate recipes. Yes chocolate can be healthy ( No, I mean beyond being necessary for mental health like normal, it can actually be healthy to eat after running!) Here are the cupcakes my friend and I made which are filled with zucchini and apple sauce and peanut butter :

choc cup cake

And by the way, my pinterest name is just my name: Jacqueline Lucca if you were interested in following…

3. Run with people. Because it’s way more fun that way! And having someone who is good at pacing is an extra plus and guarantee  you will run faster.

4. Do it in a pretty spot outside. I don’t know about you but I am a baby when it comes to cold! So that’s my excuse for not having run outside this year at all…till today. And boy, I have been missing out! It’s gorgeous:) And it was by a lake so it was beautiful!!

5. Frolic. I mean, you can’t call it a chocoholic frolic unless your frolicking. I don’t mean you have to skip the whole 3.1 miles but have a lot of fun with it. From this day forward I will call every run I go on a frolic just because I can:)

A chocolate fountain in Brussels

By the way yes they did have a chocolate fountain at the end which you could dip all your fruit, oreos, and other chocolate in. And they had chocolate milk at the water stops/finish line. Let’s just say…its been a REALLY good day:)



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