21 days till 21 years

There are 21 days till I’m 21 years old.

This is exciting!! So I have decided to describe my spring break in 21 words in celebration of this fact.

However, before I do that, I want to update everybody on my writing life. I am still editing Griffin Tamer. And I’m sick of it. I like to create words and exciting moments, not check grammar and plot like structure hour after hour. I will be so excited to finally publish it this May! Hard work will be rewarded and I will be able to focus my free time on creativity again:) But I’m learning a lot of great skills for writing so I can’t complain too much.

There’s the update. Here is my spring break in 21 words.

1. Sleep

2. Editing

3. Procrastinating

4. Panera

5. YA Fiction

6. Scones

7. Easter

8. Octave

9. Novena

10. Running

11. JillianMichaels

12. DanniAllen

13. OUAT

14. Sisters:)

15. Brother:)

16. PushingDaisies

17. Moments

18. Chocolate

19. More

20. Chocolate

21. Relaxation



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