Top 5 Sketches in the New Journal!

I have always thought it would be cool to illustrate my own books but I would want to get much better first! I got a new sketch book for Christmas and so have been practicing:)

Do you like to draw? If so, please feel free to leave tips in the comments below! (And guess who it is before looking at the description below:)

Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.23 PM1. If you have seen Merlin (BBC), this picture is based off of him…Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.22 PM #2

2. Black Widow.Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.22 PM

3. Random FairyPhoto on 3-1-13 at 10.21 PM4. Please tell me that you have seen the Rise of the Guardians? Because this is the coolest guardian by far!! Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.21 PM #25. If you know me…you know I think this guys voice is pretty much beautiful! This is currently my favorite picture I’ve drawn. I don’t know if you can see the full effect of the shading and the freckles but I was pretty proud of myself…

So yeah, have an awesome weekend and leave tips and comments below!:)


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