The Geeky To-Do-For-Fun List

It’s spring break!!:)

Which means I get to catch up on homework. But also means that I get to do what I want with a little more of my time. I don’t know about you but whenever I have extra time I create a great big list of awesome things to do! So I have a geeky to-do-for-fun list. Do you? 

Over Spring Break I want to….

Memorize a Shakespeare Monologue. A new one…because that would be cool (and in the Top Five Reason’s I Hate Being Literate I commented on how people don’t memorize things enough. I figured I shouldn’t be a hypocrite)

Finish a couple of fun books. I have so many that I haven’t even tried to make a list. I just pick up the one that is closest. I have been reading Erasing Time and am really creeped out/over joyed to find that  I could actually survive in a distopian. Seriously, the character of Sheridan reminds me of myself…a lot.

Finish Griffin Tamer. I have been editing it like crazy and have gotten someone to read over it. The verdict: needs some major revamping but I’m excited to have a new direction to go in. I am going to hash out the characters and draw all the action which was piled at the end and make the beginning more exciting as well:)

Write a spoken word poem. Because…why not? 🙂

Work out. I have a 5k coming up so running important. I also do Jillian Workouts because they make me suffer quickly and efficiently. And I get results:)

Do you have spring plans? Any literary ones or work out ideas I just need to know about?

Happy Spring!!!!!!!


Top Five Reasons I Hate Being Literate!

As an English major, this post may be my death wish…but… here it goes: Five reasons I can’t stand the fact that everyone in our country is literate!

1. Oaths are made via paper

We just don’t trust spoken promises as much anymore. Now instead saying it on our honor, we with a signature which we put on anything legal and binding. Really?

2. Oral Tradition is lost

When is the last time you’ve memorized Beowulf? Or any other story for that matter? If you have done this lately, you’re cool. But you probably still see my point: story telling is getting lost. Passing down oral tradition via mouth and tales are lost as well.

3. People believe everything written

Not everyone what they read but a lot of people do.This is dangerous when they read things like newspapers which are always biased one way or another. Sketchy!

4. Our tests tend to suck

There aren’t as many oral tests (at least not in America). They aren’t as personal. They aren’t face to face. I see where more personal exams would be hard but still, making things like tests so generalized…blurg! Do they leave room for creativity and the human person?

5. This one is very personal: spelling matters.

Is this point important? I won’t even try to pretend it is. But my life would be easier if we didn’t have to spell.

I’m done venting. And with that, I am going to go write my paper.

Hameus Papam!!!!!!!!!

This is a beautiful day!! White smoke! “It’s so fluffy I could die!” Haha!! I have been waiting for white smoke for a long time! White smoke? That means we have a new pope!!! Hamebus Papam!:)

I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of my school is to:

P1010208 copy

I have been everywhere online reading what everyone has to say about this guy!

The media really cracks me up! “He seems to have similar views as the last guy!” They all seem surprised? “And he’s really old…”

Are they shocked he has similar ideas as Papa Bene? Is it really a shocker? Really? Peoples! Get with it! This guy is the 266th guy to lead the Catholic church as pope! It’s not like we are doing something new here! We are simply celebrating because we are a part of a tradition thousands of years old. (Did I say simply celebrating? I meant we are celebrating because we are apart of a tradition that is thousands of freaking years old! This is cool! Catholic culture is incredible!!)

Looking at his role through an over political and “modernly progressive” lens is going to leave people confused. The Catholic church does not demand to be lead someone who is a powerful young persuasive ruler. The pope is not just a leader, the pope is a father. Pope. Papa. Don’t underestimate the quiet power of love and kindness, and it sounds like this new pope is all about that!

So, I for one am very excited about our new pope, our new leader. Viva il Papa!!!

In Shakespeare’s Own Words

In Shakespeare’s “own” Words:

I am all my characters. A writer cannot help but pen his self-portrait through words, whether it is through the sweetest of souls or vilest of villains. Be as that may, I cannot help but see in certain players a clear mirror of myself for better or for worse, and find written in them my deeper parts, my truer desires, my voice. Let this be as the preamble to my claim I make in saying I am more of Harry than any other character in my recent play.

Like him, I use words as power, manipulating them to forge a meaning and by meaning cause action. I fight for my country and my beliefs through a veil. I can say what I want because I am the master of words. But like him, I have the nettles in my soul which surround my better traits. I also have my unmasked moments as he had when he wooed Catherine. The power of my words can soar upwards because they have the steady base of true character beneath them, and if I am not fully Henry yet, perhaps I wish to be for it is not simply the power of words, nor even the beauty of words, but the meaning inside them.

Although I know I have not noble birth.

I make my stand as hidden king of verse.

I am not full with lower though light mirth.

I wield my darker themes through plays diverse.

My words and wit are military hidden,

That siege men’s thoughts in a confuséd hour

But do within this vellum all as bidden.

Swaying men’s thoughts through pleasant words my power.

As if from Stratford is his simple soul,

Pomp hides by over-show like plays I write.

Uniting a torn country is our goal;

But I find in fine words and sounds delight.

The round’s the throne for my expression best.

Where wit and wonder pose the greatest test.


How was that for Shakespeare’s voice?

Presuming to write an assignment in first person is dangerous, especially when that person you are pretending to be is Shakespeare. I’ve mimicked other authors but this seemed a little extra daunting! Because…well…he’s Shakespeare, duh!

We were asked to talk about which voice in Henry V he is. I mean, he has all these different views in there and it would be nice to know what he really thinks. When he writes people saying all kinds of stuff, what would he say? Million dolla question right?

By the way, it’s my first sonnet I’ve ever written! Excitement!

Exciting News!

If you love Fairy Tales you should know that The Fairy Tale Told series has started again!!

“You will want to read this story because you are missing the entire in-between which happens to be extremely important if you want to know who these princesses are, is about dangers that you should know about before you start your own adventure, and is filled with apples and magic”

Check it out!

Need Motivation?

Do you need inspiration while a army of assignments assail you? In your mind eye, transform your pile of books and impending papers into a wall that you must siege. Be brave! And fight hard! And watch this to be inspired:

Just got done reading this part of the book (King Henry V) and was thrilled to find such a good rendition of it online (thanks to my awesome roomie!)!

BTW’s does it just blow anyone else’s mind when they find out that Loki makes one really BA king of England? I just love that actor!

Watch here for more cuteness! (It’s the scene when he tries to woo Catherine…Dawww so cute!)


Top 5 Sketches in the New Journal!

I have always thought it would be cool to illustrate my own books but I would want to get much better first! I got a new sketch book for Christmas and so have been practicing:)

Do you like to draw? If so, please feel free to leave tips in the comments below! (And guess who it is before looking at the description below:)

Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.23 PM1. If you have seen Merlin (BBC), this picture is based off of him…Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.22 PM #2

2. Black Widow.Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.22 PM

3. Random FairyPhoto on 3-1-13 at 10.21 PM4. Please tell me that you have seen the Rise of the Guardians? Because this is the coolest guardian by far!! Photo on 3-1-13 at 10.21 PM #25. If you know me…you know I think this guys voice is pretty much beautiful! This is currently my favorite picture I’ve drawn. I don’t know if you can see the full effect of the shading and the freckles but I was pretty proud of myself…

So yeah, have an awesome weekend and leave tips and comments below!:)