Evil Wins

That’s exactly what you wanted to hear on a Monday, right?

Happy Ending to you weekend! Muhahahah!

Gosh that just sounds so depressing. I’ve been learning about Old Norse myths and they pretty much believed that there wasn’t an afterlife. In other words, death was the end to everything. And it wasn’t like they had a happy life before ending in oblivion either.  Ragnorak ended the gods in their myth. It was black and snowy for a lot of the year and they were just not overly cheery people.

But they had some pretty epic heroes. Thor anyone?

Thor, the Norse god

Heck yeah!

In our fluffy culture of today, where we have sunshine lights for the grey days, heated cars, and food at super markets that we just pick up when we get hungry, we are lacking in heroes. Travesty!

We still have some heroes. (We even have our own modern Thor.)

Chris Hemsworth as Thor as depicted in the fil...

And he’s a pretty much… freakin awesome!

But are we heroes?

The Old Norse people had the mindset that heroism was something you achieved, you fought for, even if you would not, could not win. You lived a hero. You would definitely die a hero. But the important this was you were a hero. 

Do we still have that mindset? People now a days have a excuses for everything. I have my whole dictionary’s worth full. And I use them all the time! These people (by my standards) had excuses, so many good excuses that they didn’t really have a good reason to keep trying to be brave and good and daring…in all that darkness and ultimate death. This is what influenced Tolkein’s LOTR. There is that sense of impending doom, impossibility. But the heroes go on being heroes even if that means ending in failure.

The Dirt Road to Paradise

Do we strive for greatness? No matter how far away it seems or how hard the road becomes?

That’s impressive!

So this could easily become the beginning for a longer rant on modern mediocrity but I’ll save that for a later post. Right now, I want to hear: What is your take on being a hero?


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