Not My Fault

In my defense, I had a lenten challenge not to go on the internet for anything but homework for a day so I couldn’t blog for a little while. But now I am back. I missed friday top five so maybe I’ll do Monday top…what number starts with M? Million? Monday top Million? Ha! Don’t think you really want to read my writing that much!

So let’s call this post Monday Musings. (Ignore the title I already put up! That title is more catchy but this is more truthful, read on anyways!)

I am going to muse on why Valentines Day is a really good day even for singles. (Hey, I know it’s passed but I don’t care! You can keep these musings for next year as they are excellent musings.)

Why is Valentines Day a good day in general?

A. Because of the chocolate. Must I go on any further? There is chocolate pouring out of every  stores and it’s awesome. After valentines day it gets even better because it’s all on sale.

B. Because you can still get little gifts even if you are not dating someone. Little boxes of happiness, little notes to say “Be Mine” and all that nice stuff is fun to get from random friends.

C. It can involve cookies with pink frosting. Pink Frosting! It’s a pretty holiday with everything pink. Even if you don’t like pink personally you have to admit it’s a happy color so it goes to follow that this should be a happy day!

An array of Valentine's Day-connotated candy d...

Convinced yet?:)

D. Because you get to read about the worse valentines ever. And they are hilarious! Here is a little  for you to enjoy;)

Ok, your turn! Do you like Valentines day? Why?


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