Saved Time for What?!

Fast food, fast lanes to check out in, faster cars, faster forms of communication (letter? what means sending a letter…email on paper?)…I could go on forever.

But why, people, WHY?

Because sometimes we get so busy being fast that we forget to be alive.

To be alive we need to live in every moment. Cliche but so true.

Example A:

I have to read a whole bunch of chapters of the Gorgias by Plato , have to do a bunch of m-m-math (there I said it) problems, and read a Midsummer’s Night Dream. I could rush through it as fast as I can so that I can watch the next episode of Merlin after finishing up the latest biggest looser episode but I payed a freakish amount of money for those courses so even while I am going to read/do homework as efficiently as possible, I am going to try to enjoy it as well. This is the main portion of my life, if I don’t enjoy it, that would just suck!

Inscribed herm of Plato. (Berlin, Altes Museum).

Can you really enjoy reading this guy? It may take a little effort but it can happen! 

And sometimes we need to remember to take a break from things. So I’m walking in-between classes, if the snow is falling, nothing is wrong with standing there a couple seconds to enjoy it. Yes, 6am one morning I walked along, kicking the glittering falling flakes and feeling completely crazy for being so excited about snow sparkling in the lamppost light (although I’m sure other Narnia lovers can totally relate)!

We are going to be busy, pressured, and possibly under stress our entire lives. We can’t let it stop us from enjoying ourselves to. So use time wisely. Not just to get stuff done. Make that time even more valuable by enjoying the stuff you are getting done and spending that time wisely.

Time me

Time…my preciousssss 😉

…Does anyone else things that this is a slightly ironic post to have after talking about procrastination? Haha, I guess school just forces me to think a lot about time, schedules and… ya know, life in general:)


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