The Reasons a Person should get up at 6am

*You get to see the snow glittering under the light of the lampposts as you trudge along through inky darkness. I know you can see that late at night to but there is a certain triumph in the morning rising. And then you get to anticipate the sunrise which is great…even if it does not make things much warmer:)

*You get more done earlier
*You get all your classes out of the way quickly. It’s my first day of school! I am really having a hard time believing it. I am totally unprepared/feeling like I never left which seems to be completely contradictory but is completely true at the same time. Anyone else get what I am talking about?
*….can anyone else think of anything else because I’m too tired to think any more.
And by the way, I am taking two English classes this semester (the other two are math, eek! and ethics, hmmm…) and those English classes are Tolkien and Shakespeare!!!! I have a good life!! What classes are you talking? And prepare yourself for awesome author related posts showing up around here!


Hey there!

Crazy how different every first day of school feels! Ya know what I mean?


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