How to Get Results: 30 Day Shred

I am going to give a little review for Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred which I did for the month of January. (Can you believe it’s already February? Let’s be that small % of people who keep going with the New Years Resolutions!)  Of course, the big question: Does The 30 Day Shred Get Results????

What I did:I did the work out at least a couple times a week and ate a little better than normal. It was hard because I have break for all of January which means good times with friends (not exactly conducive with a diet plan) and it’s cold so I hate moving:P

My Results: Dropped a couple pounds and feel much stronger. I was not expecting to get such quick results while being only partially committed, but I’ll take it! The first day was pretty rough but by 6 days into it I was thrilled that I could do everything better already!! The nice thing about it is that it tones you up even if you drop weight slowly, you look and feel stronger pretty quickly. Seriously, it is a 20 minute workout. If you need something that doesn’t suck away your time and money than here is a link to the work out on youtube🙂

My Plan for the Future: Cardio everyday + Ripped in the 30. I have started Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and am wonderfully sore today!! So my plan is to only eat healthy food while at school and start taking advantage of our awesome gym by running a couple days a week, biking the other days. This semester is going to be a little busier than the last one (with about 20 hours of work+full time classes+a couple campus clubs+working out+maybe some social life and sleep…) In other words I need a workout which maximizes every second!

Question: Are you keeping up with the New Year’s Resolutions? What have you done to get results with exercising/dieting? Best of Luck on staying Fit and any other resolution you may have had!


3 thoughts on “How to Get Results: 30 Day Shred

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