Top 5 Fridays

I love reading people’s lists like this so I have decided to write my own. Every friday I will try to write a list of  whatever top 5 I can think of whether it’s my top five favorite books or five scariest moments and this way, I will post at least every friday:) 

Did you know that I started this blog exactly a year ago? Yay, for another great year!

So lets starts with a bloggish one:


1. BadCatholic (Witty philosophy, has a writing style a lot like Chesterton…)

2. Lindsay Buroker (Great if you want to get self published:)

3. Nerdfitness (about fitness and pretty entertaining) 

4. Ally Carter (I love her books and quirky style!) 

5. Kristin Lamb’s Blog (this is a fellow wordpress blog that I really enjoy reading:)

Enjoy! What are some of your favorite blogs?:) 


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