Going Big

I could start with the cliche smell of new pages and my childhood love of stories but that is not what has re-inspired me.

Pure, hard ideas have.

I have been to Barnes and Nobles and got some serious reading in, and I had a couple of really awesome conversations with some good friends of mine. That has made me ask myself: What are my goals? What am I trying to do? Am I doing everything that I can to get to where I want to be?What are your writing goals? I think that we all have ideas of where we want to get with life but sometimes we need to remind ourselves.

Because I know that I have been slacking off and while its ok to have bad days I really have so many exciting things to do and so little time that every moment should be used up. I want to start writing again. Seriously writing. This has inspired me to plot out my big writing goals.

1. My focus over the rest of my break is my story. I want to get a solid, nearly done draft which I can have people read without getting embarrassed. That’s when the real editing will begin.

2. After that, I want to start seriously submitting lots of short stories throughout the semester.

3. Over summer, I want to write my next book. Ok, this is ambitious but I have finished a complete copy of my first book. Things are looking encouraging. If I work as hard as I have been (maybe even a little harder) something is bound to happen:)

And I want to blog more often. If you have read anything about writing you have probably heard it: you should blog and build your platform and so on and so forth. That’s great but equally important is the fact that you are building your writing skills, yay! Let’s not forget that blogs are fun to read and write which is a nice reason on top of all the practical ones.


Go write!

Go live!

Go be yourself because that is the only way you will be able to do the first two things the best way possible 🙂


2 thoughts on “Going Big

  1. Best of luck with your goals! I’ve also established some of my own, but unfortunately I’m finding that my inner-editor is against my goal of writing two chapters a month! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking some of my posts! Happy writing.

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