Editing Stage One

You may know that I am not the biggest fan of the editing process and that I have a manuscript which is the point where… it needs to be edited. There comes a point where it simply must be done and once I started, I realized that it was not actually that bad. In fact, it was rather enjoyable. I saw that I actually had a complete story and likable characters and was simply working with material now, not just creating new stuff.

Editing Step One:

After taking a while off you go through the entire story. I have heard this advice a number of times so after Nanowrimo I set the story aside and focused on finals and then Christmas break before going back to edit it.

Then, I took a couple days to go through the entire thing from cover to back editing every single little thing that I didn’t like. All of the pages were cluttered with scratched out words and circled words which needed to be changed and tiny scribbles of what I wanted to add. Now, I am starting the next part of the editing process.

Editing Step Two:

Retype the entire thing. This may seem time consuming (it really is) and a bit extreme (which it also may be) but it is really helpful. This way I feel more freedom to go in new directions if it seems to work better for the story. So that is where I am right now.

I hope this helps any other budding authors out there:) I’ll keep you posted in how the editing process goes!



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