He’s quirky. I like characters who have quirks. Quirks lead to witty dialogue which is irresistibly enticing!

He is smart. Unless they are as arrogant as Sherlock Holmes, I generally like smart people.

He likes adventures. Well, that is something we both share in common!

Who is he?

Well. That is the question isn’t it;)

Dr Who Experience

Dr Who Experience (Photo credit: williamsdb)

He’s Doctor Who.

Up till now, I have been rather leery of the whole Dr. Who obsession. I mean, science fiction? It’s not my thing as much as other types of literature and movies are. But this show was recommended to me enough times so that I started watching it and really enjoyed it! I started with season five and skipped most of season six (a little to heavy on the science fiction side and a little lighter on the witty dialogue side) but am now starting season seven. Obviously, I can’t recommend the entire TV show but I can say that the fifth season was enjoyable:) I know I am always looking for witty shows, particularly if they are British 😉 so I figured I would share my thoughts with you.

Do you like Doctor Who? And better yet: do you have other quirky (British) shows that you would recommend to someone who is in the mood for some witty entertainment?


4 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Start with the first series with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. Excellent. Series 2 is with David Tennant and he is THEE BEST DOCTOR EVER. He and Billie Piper will make you cry. Frankly, I don’t care for the new 11th Doctor. His companions are boring and the writers try too hard to compensate for the Doctor’s lack of a romantic interest by forcing the Ponds on us. He’s also very trendy and a total hipsters, so yeah. Do yourself justice and go back to Series 1. Trust me, I was reluctant to watch it but Tennant is so brilliant it hurts.

    You can try out Merlin, but the series just ended. It’s nice, but it’s a little hard to get into as there is only so many times Merlin can warn Arthur about something that ends up alway being true and Arthur ignores him anyway. This goes on for like 5 series. There are some exceptional episodes though.

    Sherlock is exceptional and brilliant and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are spectacular. Highly recommend it. Misfits is also great. Crazy and crass, but awesome. Torchwood is a spinoff of Dr. Who. If you watch Series 1-3, you’ll know who with. However, the series is darker and for mature viewers. Liked some of it. Spaced is also funny but ended a while back. And well, I won’t go on with the rest. Happy TV watching. But in all seriousness, star Dr. Who series 1.

  2. Thanks!!! I will certainly go back to the previous series of Dr. Who–I wasn’t sure what to expect with the older Doctors but I am glad to hear that they is better than the current Doc.

    Its funny you mention Merlin, I actually have watched some of the episodes and I totally agree with everything you say about it!

    And, I started Sherlock. Brilliant! I just finished the hound of Baskerville which was interesting. The chemistry between Cumberbatch and Freeman is just awesome and it had the exact kind of sparky conversation that I really enjoy!! Thanks a bunch for giving all these good ideas!!

  3. Jacqueline, Jacqueline, Jacqueline, you can’t skip season six and then watch season seven. You just can’t. It will spoil it for you because you won’t have seen everything they have been through, so you won’t understand season seven as well.

    Also, Downton Abbey. (I know I’ve already told you that, but really.)

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