Happy New Years!!!!

Well, it’s that wonderful point in the year where everyone looks back and forth between the past and future in a rather nostalgic but super hopeful way. I love it!

Let’s look back at my writing year: I started a blog and actually kept it going for an entire year, and I loved it! Bloggers and readers have given me lovely tips as I bumbled through my writing adventures. I was also brave enough to submit my short stories for the first time and actually completed Nanowrimo and got a writing blog up called A Fairy Tale Told. Score!!

Now let’s look forward: It’s resolution time. What will my writing resolutions be?

1. I want to get my nanowrimo story edited and online for readers.

2. I also want to submit more short stories.

3. I have been talking with a friend about making a movie, another passion of mine…ok, this is not directly tied to writing but if we write an original script it will be;)

What are your resolutions? What have been your highlights of 2012? Yay 2013!!! A brand new adventure is beginning!!:)


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