Editing Time! Hard Core!

I happen to LOVE the creative process: I tell stories, make up stories and draw maps of worlds. I even love writing dialogue and scenes. I DON’T like the editing process.

Which do you like?


Because here is what stage I am at: I need to organize everything because there are plot holes galore and edit the conversations which have plenty of cheesy lines. Yikes! It’s going to be long and painful.

But here’s the deal, I am going to try to share my editing process with you so that you can A) critique it so that I get better at it B) maybe even learn from my good ideas…or mistakes;)

And basically, leave comments if you have any ideas what so ever that could help me as I struggle through pages of grammatically awkward sentences and fall through plot holes and fall asleep during boring scenes that seemed more interesting when I wrote them at 3am!

And…one more thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (Since I didn’t say that yet) I hope you had/are having the happiest holidays in the world:)


4 thoughts on “Editing Time! Hard Core!

  1. Hi Jacqueline. Congrats on finishing your novel. Good luck on the edits. I actually enjoyed the editing process much more than the actual first draft. The story was already written so, yes, while arduous and grilling, it is a relief. It’s amazing how much better the story comes together after edits. I have about 10K left too edit and its ten times better than the first draft. I had documented how I edited on my page if you need to get an idea of how I went about it just in case you start getting freaked out because you don’t know where to start. I know I did. LOL. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Again, good luck!

  2. I get help from writer’s from another writer’s site. A good editor is a great skill. Some of us need a editor. If you are very good. Most of the hard editing you will be able to do yourself. I like your thoughts in the blog.

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