What is your take on this? And are you going to do it? Now that midterms are mostly finished (nasty things), I’m am thinking more about this and am pretty excited!! I want to even though it seems quite daunting! If you don’t know what I am talking about here is the link:

If you want to know about this cool website that I found that might help with the prep work, here is one I think is pretty cool:

And here is a random one which looked interesting:

And oh my gosh, there is so much on google about this that you won’t have trouble learning as much as you want about it.

And don’t forget to let me know if you are doing it (why or why not) and then we can both be writing buddies together:)


4 thoughts on “Nanowrimo

  1. I am absolutely doing it this year. With my own place and two different writing spaces, I think the inspiration and solitude will help me type up those 50,000 words in a month. lol.

    Do you know which projects you are working on?

    • Yay, exciting!:) I am hopefully going to be working on a story which I currently call “Griffin Tamer” and I’m pretty excited. I really want to get some of my work out there and feel that this will be a great chance to get motivated enough to write something all the way through:) My user name is JLucca if you want to be writing buddies:)

      • Wow it just registered that I need to uh, register for Nano. lol. I am such a newbie! I will be sure to add you once I do that. All the best for your planning for the upcoming month. 😀

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