What do they teach in these schools!

Oh, the old professor from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He makes me so happy when he asks this question. (Anything Narnian makes me happy!)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch ...

Doesn’t the picture just give you a happy feeling?:)

I am going to try to answer the professor’s question by saying what they should teach in these schools…particularly college. People go to college for various reasons but there is a very particular reason which we have begun to forget about and I think that it is fairly important that we think about how to get that back!

The UNI part of UNIversity.

Diversity is good but not if we are all conflicting. The idea of a university is to bring diversity all under one roof and learn from each other in the best way possible so that we become more fully who we are meant to be as fully functioning human beings. (Yes I know this is slightly reminiscent of my old post.) Math, science, english, history, art…it all compliments.

Sadly, I feel that there is not as much complimenting as conflicting in certain respects. People say that science and religion clash. People stay too focused on getting specialized and complain about their core courses which are “useless to their major.” Some of this I get. But at the same time…

Hold on a second!

Useless to your major? What about your person? Yourself?! Because I am pretty sure that I view an education NOT JUST as job training but also as a truth seeking, intelligence building, expanding the who-I-am part of my life as well.

I want to hear about other’s opinions, here from other other’s studies, other’s focuses as well as my own because they can inform me in new ways. I think that’s totally awesome.

Dear Professor,

What they teach in these schools depends where you go, but I would very much like if we could all learn from differences as well as similarities, learn how to express and expand ourselves by using intellectual talent, and learn how to make a little money at the same time through our particular field of study.




One thought on “What do they teach in these schools!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed this post. I spent six years obtaining a two year degree– no idea what I desired to do and to seek as much knowledge as possible. And I consider myself an eternal student on the path to spiritual enlightenment; there is always something to be learned, and even things already sampled will be different in the passing of years, books, movies, as we transform into new people. BTW: Jim Broadbent in Narnia was my favorite character!

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