You Know You’re an English Major When…

1. You cringe when people say that you did good. You have to repeat, you did well, it’s well!

2. You read with a pencil in your hand.

3. You know how to spell seperate….haha, you didn’t think I was really going to do that to you, did you? Separate. There:)

4. You prefer papers to tests…but maybe that is just a universal thing.

5. Too much of your paycheck goes to books

List of titles of works based on Shakespearean...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6.You use Shakespearean insults (or at least really witty one’s in hopes that people will take a little while to create a comeback)

7. You’ve read Shakespeare out loud in a very dramatic fashion.

8. You have to read the book before the movie because the book is always better.

9. When ever something really cool, weird, or just anything in general happens you immediately grab paper/pencil because it gives you a story idea. Even when you listen to a song or music, you have to give it a backstory.

10. And finally, in the end of The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILER) you totally recognized the quote in the end and how all those awesome themes of self sacrifice and becoming a better man tied beautiful! sniff!!

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want more of these kind of thing? Check it out:

PS There may have been some grammar/spelling errors in this blog (embarrassing!) and if so I apologize!:P


5 thoughts on “You Know You’re an English Major When…

  1. and you know when to use an apostrophe for contractions and possessives, and that it cannot be used as a plural word like *one’s.* No wait. It’s the English TEACHERS who know that. ;-P lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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