Fitness Rebels!!;)

Want to get in/stay in shape? I have a website that you might enjoying knowing about:)

What it is:

A really entertaining/inspirational blog/website on everything you could ever want to know about fitness:) It also has free resources and an awesome community you can join to help you improve your life. Currently I am apart of a challenge to get in better shape…I am still figuring everything out but it’s been a blast so far!:)

So here’s the link:

Check it out!

And tell me: what’s your favorite fitness website?


6 thoughts on “Fitness Rebels!!;)

  1. I LOVE Nerd Fitness! I used it really heavily this summer when I couldn’t run and started doing more weight-lifting.

    • I don’t. I’m on MapMyRun and that serves my tracking needs pretty well. But keep updating about how the challenge works for you…I’m curious to know if group motivation is really as awesome as the NF blog makes it out to be.

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