Why Get It?

A liberal arts degree.

Why get it? And more importantly, what are you going to do with it? I’m sure if you are a student in a liberal arts program you have been asked about that a lot. A liberal arts degree in english? Is that really practical?

So here goes my liberal arts degree rant:P

I recently heard a professor say that if you get too focused and specialized you do not have time to become a fully realized human being. Let’s clarify. If someone is really good at something or really likes something, they should get into that field, no question. But being well rounded is also incredibly important. You need a balance.

Why learn history? Learning the origins helps you “get” the present thing/system. And I am sure you have heard that we need to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Studying literature forces you to think critically and shows truth/beauty in a way that math (in my humble opinion) just can’t. And being able to express yourself is important in anyone’s life…for obvious reasons.

Why study languages? Even when you study a “dead” language like Latin, you understand your own language MUCH better. Grammar suddenly makes sense, and you have even more words for what you want to say. You are able to see things from a new perspective. Yay!

Why study math? Because I heard that math class is the only class where the grade you get correlates with how well you do in real life. (That’s ok, I was planning on living in an orange create under a bridge anyways.)

My point? Being well rounded is practical and needed, especially in a world where things are really changing. A professor told me, “Study what you love; you will have a job for the rest of your life.”

Sorry truth, in this day and age, I might not. But I will have a better chance at getting one, if I not only study what I love but am also able to be flexible, knowing a lot about a lot.


4 thoughts on “Why Get It?

  1. Great post! This is the second time a fellow blogger has talked about studying what she loves. I think this is a huge hint that I should be going back to school.

    I want to take history, psychology, and creative writing. Double minor it looks like? lol

  2. I agree that you should study what you love! Especially, being well rounded gives you the ability to see complex ideas from many perspectives, to see the big picture that others would miss.

    As a math major, though, I must say something about this statement:

    “Studying literature forces you to think critically and shows truth/beauty in a way that math (in my humble opinion) just can’t.”

    Pure math is often completely impractical in real life, and that’s part of the beauty of it—to understand truths that transcend anything in this universe. It is analogous to literature, as a writer also imagines extraordinary situations that are often outside the scope of physical reality. I think we are just approaching truth from different angles. 😀

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