Hmmm, Research…

Picture me, stroking my chin in a thoughtful professor-like manner, looking critically at the word…reeeesearch?

Closeup of a thoughtful Tim Berners-Lee at the...

Closeup of a thoughtful Tim Berners-Lee at the launch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure what  I think of this part of the writing process. Some people like researching so much that their written work is like an after thought or some byproduct of hours of learning. Me? I am more of the person who isn’t so fond of it…and yet at the same time, I realize that it is certainly vital to being an author.

I appreciate authors who do the research and would like to be an appreciated author both by myself and others. Logical conclusion: time to start liking research so I will do it more and become a better author.

Why all this sudden talk of research? Because Nanowrimo is looming in the near future and I want to have a sold outline before then and not have to take valuable time away from writing in November. I want to know what I am going to say and have a solid data base on everything I am going to talk about in that story.

With that in mind, has anyone else started thinking about what their nanowrimo novel will be about? And does anyone have a good place to start researching fairytale folk lore (from any country)? Or does anyone know of a good place to learn about DNA technology for someone who is not a science major and doesn’t like to get too complicated?

Happy Writing!!


2 thoughts on “Hmmm, Research…

  1. Yay for Nanowrimo! 🙂 I am actually taking part in that this year. But rather than begin a new novel, I think I am going to apply it to the next half of a story I have worked on over the years.

    It’s a good plan to be getting your outline and research out of the way now so you can just write come November. Research can sometimes be fun if it’s a topic I am interested in, but it can often still have its dry spells even then.

    I wish I could lend you my biotechnology textbooks from college. Maybe check out How Stuff Works or even Wikipedia can explain it simply.

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