What’s up!:)


Did you shudder with disgust or shiver with excitement at the word?

Because, HA! For better or worse, school is what’s up right now:) (At least in my life)

I can promise that all my September post are going to be random and slightly scattered because school has struck! And, 6am mornings make me slightly less collected than usual.

5 Life Update in the life or a College Student/Writer:

1. New house!:) Our kitchen smells like brown sugar and warm dough. I love living with a bunch of girls who like things pretty and clean like me:)

2. Spanish Class:) Yo necesit0 estudiar! Big time. I need to get fluent, fast! I love that language way too much.

3. Issues in English Studies. It’s a meta course; in other words, we are studying about studying English. Doesn’t get much cooler than that English lovers. I am also hoping that topics discussed in class end up being fodder for posts on this lovely blog.

4. Taking the bus: Let’s just say….INTIMIDATING! Yeesh. The whole complicated system freaks me out. But I have a cell phone with a GPS, know sort of where work is so that I can get there better, and have pepper spray for good measure (and because I’m slightly paranoid, hehe).

5. I found another Pushing Daisies lover!!!:) Yes this is important. Because Pushing Daisies is pure wit and awesomeness.  (if you haven’t watched it go right now because everyone can use a good laugh and some quirky plot line in their life!:)

Ned (Pushing Daisies)

Ned (Pushing Daisies) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So update me: school or no school in your life? What are you most excited about?:)


One thought on “What’s up!:)

  1. I am jealous of everyone going back to school. I want to take history and minor in creative writing and psychology. Guess I should get started! 🙂

    Don’t sweat the bus system – if I figured out mine, you will be fine. 🙂 Enjoy your semester studying English!

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